My web presence is about discussing nonmainstream music topics that I am personally interested in. I have decided to use a blog as my central node to discuss nonmainstream music topics to preview and review the latest music news. I have linked my blog to three contributing web 2.0 tools Twitter, Lastfm and Flickr to broaden and add more value to my blog. Furthermore this exegesis will elaborate on the nodes I have chosen to explain why I have choose them, why I made those choices, how they relate back to my topic and the reason why I selected that design and theme for my nodes.

Central node – WordPress linking with contributing nodes – Twitter, Lastfm, Flickr

Firstly I decided to create a personal blog as my central node as a personal blog is where people share their experiences, thoughts and feelings. Some people call it an online diary as people share their observations and thoughts about their online and offline lives. (Qian, 2007). Since I am writing about previews and reviews of music discussions, blogs was appropriate as I would be posting roughly 200-500 word passages each time about certain topics to share my observations, thoughts and feelings. In addition blogs are a non-closed off environment as its functionality is to thrive off exchanging links. (Helmond, 2010). Thus I have embedded my 3 contributing nodes on the blog’s sidebar so viewers can find further information about the blogger. Furthermore participation within a blog is also important for feedback and discussions as Borrows talks about; therefore using a blog, this is achievable as viewers can leave comments from posts.

I needed a social networking site to give a sense to my audience that I was active and this blog will continuity be updated . Therefore Twitter was preferred over any other social networking profile site as the main purpose of Twitter is to answer the question “What are you doing?” (Lefever, 2008). Twitter limits users to tweet no more 140 characters to share short updates of your life. Thus I used twitter to elaborate a bit about the music I’m listening to and enjoying. For example one of my Tweets were “”Wonderwall” such GOOD SONG! Why didn’t I listen to Oasis sooner?” This tweet is about sharing my interest in the band Oasis but it would not be worthy of writing in a blog as it would be too short. That’s why Twitter is a microblog because it’s a tool to write small passages with Twitters intent to update your status. (Lefever, 2008). In addition Twitters goal is presented in a casual context so tweeting is a preferred alternative to keep conversations casual as I have set a manner for my blog to be more formal.

My blog’s intent is to discuss about music topics that I am personally interested in, thus Lastfm provided the perfect contributing contextualised node. Lastfm is a social networking site that focuses only on discussing music. This allowed me to create a music based profile for myself that would provide viewers more of an idea about the music I potentially may discuss on my blog. One of the exciting features of Lastfm is the ability to link your iTunes/media player on your computer to your Lastfm profile via a download plug-in. This allows viewers on your profile to see updates of what you’ve been listening. As a result I RSS the link “What I’m Listening to” to my blog to share my music interest further and provide updates of songs I listen too.  Lastfm also displays additional interesting statistics such as most played songs and most played artist as this will offer viewers a more in depth judgment of what I may discuss in my blog.

My last contributing node I choose was Flickr a content sharing site that allows users to upload original photographs. I only uploaded photographs that would only relate back to my blog. As sociologist Erving Goffman states people are selective and deliberate to reveal only certain information to themselves about others so viewers can’t make other assumptions about them. (Borrows, 2008). For instance a post from my blog “Emery concert at Capitol (Perth) Part 2 Review” I only uploaded Emery concert photos on Flickr to share a visual appeal and experience with my readers. On Flickr I also uploaded other concerts I had been to and favourtied some music related images.  The aim was to keep my web presence consistently to only discuss about music. Moreover all the nodes I used, only discusses about music, thus the only assumptions and discussions viewers can make about my web presence is only music related.

The design and theme had to embrace a music scene as my web presence is about discussing music. The goal was to provide viewers that I would be covering mainly music genres of metal, punk and rock therefore a bold, strong and dark music theme was required. As only my Twitter profile and blog was able to change the theme I applied both of those nodes with a black background with an image of a guitarist presented in a darker context. The images I choose all had people with long hair and some tattoos to reinforce the music genres I would discuss. In addition I changed my Tweeters profile text colour to a bright blood red colour to promote the image of heavy and darker music. The design of my blog had to be kept simple as Helmond states that the sidebar usually suffers because they usually get too cluttered. As a result on my blog I organised the widgets on the side bar to display widgets that posts regular updates to my least. For instance Twitter and Lastfm were at the very top as I would regularly update my status with those two Web 2.0 tools. Also I attempted to limit the amount of updates per widget so my blog wouldn’t clog up the sidebar to keep it simpler.

In conclusion I have explained why I used a blog as my central node, as I would continuity post new information that required something like an online diary format. I used Twitter and Lastfm to keep my web presence active as it was a simple and quick way to update my status. Flickr was used to provide my posts with a greater visual appeal and experience. Finally the design and theme of my web presence nodes were heavily inspired by metal, punk and rock music genres as those music genres would be mainly discussed in my blog posts.

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