Soundwave Revolution – Interested?

The soundwave Revolution festival line-up has been announced that’s going to be played later this fall in late September and early October in Australian cities. Here is the link I of the line-up I got from the Soundwave Revolution Tweet

I have to say this line-up doesn’t spark me very much at all. I guess cause I only listen to about 3-4 bands in the list. However there is only reallyone band I would love to see and that is Yellowcard. With their new album out and since their hiatus they had for two years and finally being back to together is really awesome. I’ve been a very big fan of Yellowcard and have listened to three of their most popular albums religiously. They have a new album out not to recently that I have yet to listen to as well called ” When Your Through Thinking, Say Yes.” I’ve listened to couple of their singles from that album and yes it does l0ok like it is going to be another awesome Yellowcard album, so stay tuned for a possible personal review on that.

Well back to Soundwave Revolution. The only other bands I would like to see is probably Sum 41 as I’ve listened to pretty much all their albums but I’m slowly fading away from Sum 41 but I think they would be great live. Relient K I have already seen their act 2 years ago and yes they were awesome but they didn’t play my favourite songs and I doubt they would include those intheir setlist this time around. Finally Alice Cooper I love the album “Trash” but I haven’t really listened to his other sutff and most of his stuff is from the 70’s which was his best era and I haven’t gotten into the 70’s style yet.

Other than that I’ve listened to some Dashboard Confessional songs (Love Vindicated) and Alter Bridges “In Loving Memory” but other than that nothing else I have really heard from the list and I don’t have at the moment to start listening to some of those bands.

Comparing this line-up to the Soundwave Festival in March 2011 I attended where Iron Maiden, Bullet for My Valentine & Silverstein some of my favourite bands were playing it’s definitely a very weak line-up for me. So I’ll be waiting for the Soundwave Festival in 2012 and hopefully Yellowcard does a sideshow 😀


~ by Getting better at the game on May 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “Soundwave Revolution – Interested?”

  1. I completely disagree with your opinion that this is a dissapointing line up. I have waited years to see Yellowcard, Sum 41 and never even dreamt I would get to see Alice Cooper and Van Halen. All Time Low, Dashboard Confessionals, Four Year, Strong and Relient K are just some of the band that I am practically foaming at the mouth to see. But yes. I’m really excited about Yellowcard. You should really listen to their whole album, it’s mind blowing.

  2. Despite the fact this is a crap lineup for me (I don’t listen to most of this kindve music) I think its brilliant! Since I got a taste for music there have been three bands I’ve wanted to see live over anything else in my life – AC/DC (never thought I would but I have, and possibly twice soon!), Aerosmith (Im still praying!) and Van Halen – I never thought it would happen but here they are!
    I am gladly forking out the money just to witness Van Halen and Alice Cooper… Hole will be interesting too.

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