Emery Concert at Capitol (Perth) Part 1 – Getting Ready

Emery a five-piece Post Hardcore Christian band last visited our shores back in 2009. I recently only became a fan of Emery within 2-3 weeks before the concert due to the ticket holder passing on the ticket due to other attendences. So I accepted this ticket as I have only vaguely listened to Emery therefore was a challenge I accpete. So I started the journey of exploration and repetition of Emery through my long drives to uni and wheverever I may roam. They had realised 4 albums to date so I did not have the time to listen to such music in this limited time space. Therefore the answer was setlistfm.com which users upload their setlist of songs they play on tour. There was limit of posts but I gathered the most played 15 songs and began my journey. Below is the setlist I invited myself to play:
The Cheval Glass
The Wall
The Party Song
The Curse of Perfect Days
In Shallows Seas we Fall
Butcher’s Mouth
So Cold I Could See my Breath
I Never got to See the West Coast
Studying Politics
Listening to Freddie Mercury
The Ponytail Parades
Edge of the World

I must say I really got into most of these songs especially the new material.”The Cheval Glass” from their new album was very hardcore as the vocals were deeper and very medolic yelling like theres no tomorrow, the  guitar just screeching away and lastly the thrusting drums beats ponding away. This is the song I’m going to be waiting for.

There most popular song “The Wall” they will most certainly be played lived up to the reputation as their iconic song as the verses and chourus do define how hard they can play.

These are just couple of the standout songs I really enjoyed and the concert just around the corner it’s surely going to be a epic night.


~ by Getting better at the game on May 14, 2011.

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