Soundwave Revolution – Interested?

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The soundwave Revolution festival line-up has been announced that’s going to be played later this fall in late September and early October in Australian cities. Here is the link I of the line-up I got from the Soundwave Revolution Tweet

I have to say this line-up doesn’t spark me very much at all. I guess cause I only listen to about 3-4 bands in the list. However there is only reallyone band I would love to see and that is Yellowcard. With their new album out and since their hiatus they had for two years and finally being back to together is really awesome. I’ve been a very big fan of Yellowcard and have listened to three of their most popular albums religiously. They have a new album out not to recently that I have yet to listen to as well called ” When Your Through Thinking, Say Yes.” I’ve listened to couple of their singles from that album and yes it does l0ok like it is going to be another awesome Yellowcard album, so stay tuned for a possible personal review on that.

Well back to Soundwave Revolution. The only other bands I would like to see is probably Sum 41 as I’ve listened to pretty much all their albums but I’m slowly fading away from Sum 41 but I think they would be great live. Relient K I have already seen their act 2 years ago and yes they were awesome but they didn’t play my favourite songs and I doubt they would include those intheir setlist this time around. Finally Alice Cooper I love the album “Trash” but I haven’t really listened to his other sutff and most of his stuff is from the 70’s which was his best era and I haven’t gotten into the 70’s style yet.

Other than that I’ve listened to some Dashboard Confessional songs (Love Vindicated) and Alter Bridges “In Loving Memory” but other than that nothing else I have really heard from the list and I don’t have at the moment to start listening to some of those bands.

Comparing this line-up to the Soundwave Festival in March 2011 I attended where Iron Maiden, Bullet for My Valentine & Silverstein some of my favourite bands were playing it’s definitely a very weak line-up for me. So I’ll be waiting for the Soundwave Festival in 2012 and hopefully Yellowcard does a sideshow 😀


Emery Concert at Capitol (Perth) Part 2 – Review

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Ok after about roughly 2-3 weeks of listening to Emery  was now the time to embrace the experience of the live performence. I have never been to the Capitol before so I personally was excited to go to the Captiol as I’ve had bands I wanted to see there but didn’t end up attending those shows. I can say when I stepped into the venue,  the venue was not big at all, I would say small, probably a bit smaller than a half court basketball court. That’s a good thing as it meant being more closer to the stage and the sound would vibrate and surround the room with the bass a nice touch.

The preshows didn’t catch my eye until the last band played before Emery took stage. That last band before Emery being We Are The Emergency. WATE were muscially quiet welcomed as it drew a decent crowd. WATE musically sounded Post Hardcore but what makes them different was the backing female vocals that extended their vocal ability and the high notes they would play in the verse to break up the harder chourus. The vocalist was extremely audience pleasing as his screamo vocals were a high melody sort of scream that would last quiet a long duration without a break. The future looks very good for this band.

After that unexpected awesome of WATE was time for Emery to deliver. I was standing literally in the second row almost at the front so I could absorb as much riffs as I could. They started off with some of their older material that sounded near perfect that got the crowd roaring and screaming for more. Later onwards they played “The Cheval Glass” as I stated in my previous post was probably there most hardest song. This song being one of their new songs scared the crowd as I sensed a lot of fear ( as most had not heard it) whilst I just loved every bit of it.  Emery decided to lighten things up after that song and played an acoustic set to tone things down with ” I never got to see the west coast”, “Fractions and “The curse of perfect days”. Everyone just felt relaxed and sang along to almost every word. In the closing stages they heated up the last few songs with some of their earlier harder hits and finished off with ” The Wall”. This song got really got the crowd moving as everyone all a sudden were pushing, pulling and screaming along with the vocalist. The keyboard guy decided to join the party with a stage dive which pumped the crowd up even more. The Wall I must say really was a rocking scream feast finish that eveyone wanted.

This concert was an excellent show as WATE was an unexpected show that rocked as well as Emery delivered perfectly to what had been  2-3 weeks of listening to purelyEmery which I do not regret one bit.

Below is a link of photos taken at the concert
Emery Concert

Emery Concert at Capitol (Perth) Part 1 – Getting Ready

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Emery a five-piece Post Hardcore Christian band last visited our shores back in 2009. I recently only became a fan of Emery within 2-3 weeks before the concert due to the ticket holder passing on the ticket due to other attendences. So I accepted this ticket as I have only vaguely listened to Emery therefore was a challenge I accpete. So I started the journey of exploration and repetition of Emery through my long drives to uni and wheverever I may roam. They had realised 4 albums to date so I did not have the time to listen to such music in this limited time space. Therefore the answer was which users upload their setlist of songs they play on tour. There was limit of posts but I gathered the most played 15 songs and began my journey. Below is the setlist I invited myself to play:
The Cheval Glass
The Wall
The Party Song
The Curse of Perfect Days
In Shallows Seas we Fall
Butcher’s Mouth
So Cold I Could See my Breath
I Never got to See the West Coast
Studying Politics
Listening to Freddie Mercury
The Ponytail Parades
Edge of the World

I must say I really got into most of these songs especially the new material.”The Cheval Glass” from their new album was very hardcore as the vocals were deeper and very medolic yelling like theres no tomorrow, the  guitar just screeching away and lastly the thrusting drums beats ponding away. This is the song I’m going to be waiting for.

There most popular song “The Wall” they will most certainly be played lived up to the reputation as their iconic song as the verses and chourus do define how hard they can play.

These are just couple of the standout songs I really enjoyed and the concert just around the corner it’s surely going to be a epic night.